There are more Gileras 150 and 200cc at the street than 300 , regarding this reason arise to my mind some time ago to build a cylinder cover D.O.H.C. in "kit" for these models , probably somebody shows intereased .

One day at the Buenos Aires race track , one Gilera's fan aproach to me to ask for a cylinder cover similar to my own Gilera 300 for one of his 150cc . So for my favorite game i was called for ounce again .

Some drawing stuff , a calculator , paper and a whole 150's engine shows up for play with draws , then with the D.O.H.C. design .





Imperiously i'd to improve the design for the 150, with the know how got at the 300's .

The compression rate must be rise up to 11 or even 13 , like a modern engine , but always using a flat crown piston , for generate the rolled admision effect . For reduce to a minimum the oil leakages , i make a choise for a dry distribution system , like an actual Gilera or even Ducatti.




When the drawings were finish , i make the wooden models and sent to cast the parts .




Having the metal puzzle on hand , starts the mecanizing process .



The oil drain to the carter was carb in a channel shape , at the base of the camshaft holders .





The next wooden models were those of the exhaust outlet , air inlet duct , distribution power take off and the protection of this last .




I found in Warnes some sintered gear wheels for the distribution , i mechanize them just to be adapt to my system , and to be abble to adjust the advance and retard angles on the cames with accurate precission .



The last point was to choose a tensioning device for the cranted belt , build it and place in position .






I would like to know your opinion , it will increase the know how for future developments .


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