All the job done on the 300 and later at the 150 , couldn't calm my ansiety . I'd continue looking and studying what the "Ingeniere" from Gilera have done with the development of the G.B.A. from 1923 , the O.P.R.A. from 1927 , the Rondine from 1938 , until the "Quattro" from 1957 , really superlative !




By chance , one time with a rebuilder friend of me , I had the oportunity to see , almost rusty at a workshop in Mataderos neighborhood , the impressive job done at his time by Mr.Algueroz , here in Argentine , I was astonished , the finishing , the details , a wonderfull machine ! to give some qualification . I was very surprised to discover on it , the mechanical injection , I suppose it was privilege of B.M.W., but I was wrong , at the fifties also we had it .

The time passed over and the idea to build a four cylinders , every days become more imperative on me until become an obssesion !

Nevertheless I suppose to compare myself with those monster of the mechanic ,but yes , I can make a four cylinders that carries my print seal .

Just to run and show to friends y folks whatever I've done , was important for me . If would built the block and frame same as a mock-up , would be great , but wasn't my idea . To get another 300 and make it four , be possible . To project and design the crankshaft , for what I want , this was going to be a 600cc. When the engine more or less ready in the papers , I start looking another 300 , but like the prices were out of my budget , so I'd decide or choose to make it from a Giubileo 175 (Gilera 200) monocylinder . Commenting it with other buds , my friend David surprise me , with te gift of an old engine , with missing parts , of course , but good enough for start my new trip and I start inmediatly !



With the block spread at my working bench , I start taking measures and drew some lines on a paper . A 500cc seemed to me the better choice for something more versatile , nothing ostensive and with a tasteful story .

When the crankshaft designed was ready on the paper , next step was to buy some materials and start mechanizing it . I tried to get some sponsors , because apart the wormanshio , the materials were going to be an expensive cost for me , but regarding the results , it looks my project was not trustful , so I join forces and start buting the materials from my own pocket .



One of the best presents got at my birthday came from my friend Adrian , who appears to me with complete set of connecting rod and piston as gift .



The block was the first to be done , I'd to lodge what I was going to build and then I start from here . Got some kgs. of chalk and start with the sculpture .

Place some threaded bars for space the original block's halves and slowly start spreading layer over layer of material .





When it was completely dry , I dismountthe model and gave finishing to the surface .



I took it to cast , and at the next week was ready the same shape but in alluminium .

The surface were rough . but thoroughly I polish it all around before , to take it to the milling machine .






Milled out the excedent material and made the sides parallels .

By another side I'd ready the nine chromo-nickel disk and start the job of mechanizing and assemble the crankshaft .

Lathe the disks , and drill the centers up to the centime .





Build the spacers and the extremes , drill the holes for make the disks more lights and assemble the conjunct .





Mill up the primary tractor gear .



When I'd all the discs and connecting rods with pistons set with me , with the digital scale I balance all four conjuncts individually .




Wich was more difficult to balance was the tractor gear , with drill bit and drlling blind holes up to 1mm from the bottom , to make sure the fluid lightness of the lubrication .



I assemble the crankshaft with the press and after came the hardest job , to align it ! .

For left it properly were many hours to go and came from the press to the lathe carrying the dial-gauge , but when all this was finish and it turn smooth , I forgot the time it took me .



For install the conjuncts at the half superior block , I start for mechanize the holdings supports beds for the crankshaft .





Built the models for the gear gox supports and when had it the alluminium parts , make it square and mechanizing the bearings holders .



The selector came was assembled on a bearing on the side of the shifting pedal and the original selector system by gear with cricket , was replaced by the more actual system with pins and trigger .

Built all the lever system with welded SAE 1020 plates which finally look nice to me .




Assemble the clutch and lathe off a prolongation for the shaft with the intention of place in , between the clutch and primary gear , the free wheel system from the starting system .




Mill out the missing primary gear , alighted the wheels and assemble the conjuncts , after diassemble it again for mechanizing the key holders and this parts was ready .



Make ready the intermediate shaft of the gear box power take off , alighted everything as much as possible .

Mechanize the supports at the block and mount the shaft .






The lower half of the central block was the best site for place all the lubricant mechanism together with it pipes , by the other side the best place to put the oil filter I found was behind , just below the PTO (Power Take Off) shaft . The oil pump is driven by the crankshaft itself and attached to the vertical bulk head .

So after , I began with the wooden model for cast the lower half of the block .




When got the part in aluminium , then I mechanize it as I'd draw it , adjusting it to the upper part .




Together with the normal and logic lubricant circuit over the box gears , I did mount a flute with calibrated holes over each pair of gears and a extension for able to lube  the PTO reduction gear .



I calculate and build the oil pressure regulating valve and the suction bell .



I drew and builtthe pushing rod and the hydraulic actuator for the clutch system .




For the electric current generator , the most practical transmision that I found was by means tooth gears . Built off the generator's one in aluminium , wich will be supported by ball bearings , and in poliamide the driving gear for the crankshaft .  





For the Electric Starting System , I cut a channel at the block for pass the transmission chain .

Design the case for lodge the tooth gears , when Igot it , I built it and cut the gears .





For a better cooling of the engine , fins were cut at the front and rear part of the lower block half , with the intention of improve the lubeoil cooling .



With the design of the heat disipators of the cylinders , I built a wooden model , and took it to cast in aluminium . When got it back , I adjust it the conjunts of each cylinders .





After a long search and patient wait , I found who cast in centrifugate and with the proper Brinell hardness needed , the cylinders liners .






I start with the redesign of the cylinder covers that I'd built in the past with two valves and bell pushrods , changing it by a new one with four valves per cylinder and rocker arms .

Obviously a fail long search and also after disturb a lot of close peoples trying to found the rocker arms that better adapt to my design of cylinder cover , find out the most healthy way was design it , buy the materials and built'm .




When had ready the noyos boxes for the ducts of the cylinder covers , sent everything to cast .




And start to shape the raw blocks .





After , to put everything together and enjoy the view .



The camshaft's holders was a complete deffy because the precission and the contraction of the material .

Having the valves and the rockerarms on hand , I sat down to design it and after ounce again start gluying small woods .




Ounce the parts were  all in alloy , starts the milling machine trip .




After finish to square it , had already the shape of a cylinder cover .




The spring seats .



The rockerarms seats .



Next step was to mechanize the ball bearing seats for the camshafts , previous construction of the correspondig covers .




The drilling for the seats valve's guides at the cylinder cover conjunt .



The drilling , threading and milling for the sparkplugs .



Time being for the ignition I chose the optical trigger system with a simple electronic mainly for reduce the noises .



For the injection I´d decide for the alredy proved system for the four cylinders , but with a diferent curve .

I built the connection sockets for the exhaust pipes bends and fit in place .



The valves seat were mechanized from round bar raw material .



I mechanize the housings of it at the aluminium cylinder cover and stick in place .



The angles of the seats I trust to Adrian , wich were manually milled and remain very nite .



I did perform some calculations for the camshafts and draw it , after were lathe mechanized out from a chrome-niquel steel bar .




For the distribution gear wheels material at the camshaft command , some light resine was choosen , and aluminium for the side of the cranckshaft , with a key .



The original centrifugal advance was kept but with limiters installed and the springs tension was adjusted in consequence .



The design of the injection nozzles was completed with the corresponding independent adjustements . I mechanized the round brass slices for the butterflies and the shafts for its were milled .

I fix the conjunct on an iron bar and place the ralentí adjustement stopper also with the bowden cable stopper for the action of the throttle wheel .





Assemble mount the rocker arms with the tappet clearance adjusting screws , the camshafts and the excentrical distribution belt tensioning device on place on the dust protection box .





I did design and mechanize the connectors for the gasoline feeding lines because the ones I found at the market were very bulky .



I got a front fork , license Marzocchi , and around this one , design the driving pipe and shaft for house conical bearings , just because I like this system . Has an upper and a lower bearings holders with O'rings seal , for hold the grease inside .




The frame design came out in one part from my personal experience and the other from the technical files I join at the lenght of the time . The next step was to cut present and weld the pipes .



The frame is in two parts , the rear section goes bolted to the front section , this makes much more easy the assembling and dissassembling for remove the engine .



After this , I prepare and weld in place the stiffeners , for rigidize and make the conjunt more strong .



The rear swing arm (wich was built on rectangular welded pipes) swings on ball bearings and also five position fittings , were place for change the attack angle of the shock absorvers .




The space behind the engine , was good enough for place the battery and the combustible pressure system .



Again and trough the hands of a friends , arrives a competition rear brake drum , built here in Argentina long time ago .



I clean and repair , making it ready to be use , when finish this part was shining .



Next I mecanized the parts that comply the ignition system and did assemble them on place at the camshaft side .



Mount the rocker arms the camshafts and like when I was a kid , I enjoyed the coordinated valet of the 1-3-4-2 of the valves .




After two failed attemps with the models of the valves covers , like it use to be I succseed with the third .




Here starts a long trip through very small mechanize processes , revision of the drawings done long time ago and meditation times until find every and any solution for every surprise arose .



When rhe time to give shape to the front wheel brake , it seem to me not very coherent to reedit my old Gilera 300 disk type .

For complete the armony of the conjunt , the front brake must be a drum type one and a huge one for match the performance of double disc system . I liked very much the four cams drums , but this were very expensive to reach . After I join all the documentation (pictures included) and draw my own plans inspired in one "predisc" era . Again the wooden molds for casting were done , built the inserts and send for cast in aluminium .



Ounce back at home I start mechanizing of a 230mm efective diameter drum , with a central forcer cooling .







The spokes anchor system is fast release for easy mounting , and is for 36 spokes . The central hub was mechanized for the fork in readiness .



For help to finance this project , this four cams drum brake is put to sale , with the options for 36 or 40 spokes , and for 15 or 17mm of shaft diameter , for anybody who has some similar project .

For action the brake system the problem was solve with a commercial lever , a prototype of double adjusting at the handle bar like at the old scool .





To be continued !!!!!


Don't hessitate to phone me in case o mail , if you find out something that you don't like or seams no good and can be improved .

I'm not only work in my bikes but also can develope anything you want for your machine , the workshop is in my home .


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